Colour Chart for Catsuits

Willing to get your tailor-made Catsuit ?

Have your choice out of a broad variety of colours and textures. Select the perfect material for your Latex Clothing with our Colour Chart for Catsuits.

You can design your Latex garments with a colourful touch by making a choice within our huge selection on colours.

Note : Transparent natural latex is never completely transparent but always has a slightly yellowish sting. White is therefore not pure white but tends to a warm white hue. Besides, it should be said that light colors are more sensitive and it can easily lead to discoloration in the material.

If you want to get more information about Latex Care, feel free to visit our Latex Care section !

Depending on the colour presets defined by your monitor software, the displayed colours can vary wildly.

takme2 scaled 3


moontbmain scaled 3

Transparant Black



braveblancmain scaled 4


bravepinkmain scaled 1



Dark Blue

sky blue

Sky Blue

lake blue

Lake Blue





army green

Army Green

apple green

Apple Green


Baby Pink





tpurple 1

Transparent Purple

natural transparent

Natural Transaparent

translucent pink

Transparent Pink


Purple with Metallic effect

metallic blue e1660996768782

Blue with Metallic Effect

metallic pink 1

Pink with Metallic Effect

sirenamain scaled 1

Silver with Metallic Effect

About our Tailor-Made Service

Our catsuits can be unlimitedly customised. After having taken your body measures, you can also choose your favorite colour and details on demand.

As it moulds the body, your catsuit must be completely adapted to your body. Therefore, it takes about 7 weeks to complete the latex catsuit. 

We care about giving you the best experience with your Latex Clothing. You can thus expect up to 5 weeks to receipt the products. If you want shorter lead times or several other items, see our stock at Amazon Wordwide.

The catsuit instills a daring vision of the silhouette, it comes in multiple styles, from the most discreet to the most audacious, sequins, prints, short or long sleeve necklines, it is designed by us for everyone to feel unique and special.

If you need help or have a question regarding our items, feel free to contact us . You can also check our client’s review and add yours here.

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